Friday, September 16, 2011

The Precipice Trail

That is a drop off of a few hundred feet; better hold on tight! (I was holding on with one hand so I could take pictures, as Amelia swore at me to keep both hands on the rails then scurried up the rock declaring she would not "watch me die").

Not for the faint of heart. This truly is a non- technical climb, and they mean it. There are a lot of iron rungs in the cliff face and lot of rock scrambling you'll have to do. Also, if you're under 5'2" prepare for serious stretching to reach hand holds. I'm 5'4" and some moves were quite a stretch.

We saw a family with three young children (read: under five years old) whose parents were upset the trail wasn't child-friendly. The signs clearly explain what you are walking into: it's not a trail, it's a non-technical climb. Don't be stupid.

There will be no pony rides or cotton candy at the top of this climb.


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