Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Never ending upgrades and tinkering

I have a list.

When you spend a month in a 40 square foot space, you take notice of things that could make things easier.

Small things, from having dedicated shelves for plates, to more complex things, like making a dog sleeping area on the trailer tongue, are constantly bouncing around in my overactive brain.

It's winter and cold, so I'll start with smaller, less time consuming upgrades.

Packing takes a few hours, so anything that can make packing a quicker process I am all over. When packing the Teardrop you have to consider possible breakage. Things can't be haphazardly stuffed in, glass can't be against glass, nothing can be loose, everything basically has to be tied down and tied in.

My first modifications I dedicate to Amelia Sauter, packing Queen. They will be three dedicated shelves; one for plates, one for bowls, and one for food. Right now the galley has no shelves, just three doors concealing three wide open areas.

One of the many mantras of working with small spaces - optimize vertical space, go up. Even on the tiniest of levels like a Teardrop trailer, there's more storage to be mined out.

This is my mission, and I choose to accept it.


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