Thursday, January 31, 2013

St. Augustine Farmer’s Markets

I’ve said it before: just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you should eat poorly.  If you’re going to camp, you should be eating well. What else is there to do?

There are two weekly Farmers Markets in St. Augustine that have a wide variety of local foods.  For us, grocery stores are for things like sugar, salt, pasta and beer.

Both of these markets have a healthy dose of touristy items like carved coconuts, shell trinkets, and shark tooth necklaces.  I must guiltily admit, I like the shark tooth necklaces.

The Old City Farmers Market is every Saturday in the Amphitheatre parking lot.  It’s a five-minute walk from the campground, two-minutes by bike.  I highly recommend the seafood truck.  Ask some seafood questions while you’re there because these people know their stuff and are a wealth of knowledge. We bought scallops, citrus, and vegetables both times we went. 

The St. Augustine Beach Farmers Market is every Wednesday at, you guessed it, St. Augustine Beach. Don’t try to park there; it will irritate you. Do yourself a favor and park behind the motel in the beach parking lot and walk across the volleyball fields. You’ll thank me.  Trying to navigate through a bunch of lemmings in an overly full lot is just not conducive to vacation fun.  Avoid it.  Better yet, avoid the parking lunacy, and ride your bicycles like we did.

There’s an excellent produce stand there.  You can’t miss it.  It’s the largest stand with the most people, for good reason: there’s great selection and prices there.

Afterward, take your dog for a walk on the beach and watch the pelicans nose-dive into the ocean.


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