Sunday, August 15, 2010


This will be the most fun part of building the teardrop, and it will take the longest time.

The drawer fronts are made from a piece of live edge Butternut. The width was a perfect fit. I don't think I'll use this look throughout the build, just the drawers. Although I was contemplating a live edge counter.

I'd rather take my time to stare, plan & think than rush through and mess something up. I'd like to mess something up at slow pace, easier to fix.

There's a lot to consider with such a tiny space. What do we really need? An ice box (it'll be on the lower left side), a camp stove, the almighty french press, a pot & pan, there's definitely head room for a bottle of Grey Goose vodka in those cabinets. Designed around booze, yes indeed.

I ordered a FanTastic vent fan for the roof, should be here next week.


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