Monday, July 26, 2010

My Chairs

And this is where I shall sit.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nasty tar

I cut sheets of plywood to fit onto the floor and screwed them onto the floor frame.

Now on to protecting it from the elements...

Tar is nasty crap indeed, but not much beats it for protecting the underside of the floor. I put on a nice goopy amount with a cheap paintbrush.

I'll be installing 1" foam insulation to the floor after it dries for a bit.

I also mapped out the teardrop sides today, but probably won't be able to work on it again until Monday. - sad face-


Sheets of plywood

The Aztek is officially dead. Too bad, because it was great for hauling wood, full size sheets of plywood fit in it perfectly.

I had to rent a truck from Lowes today to get the plywood home. Dog was my co-pilot, and it was good.

I got enough wood to build both teardrops. I figure, why not do it? I can sell the small one when I'm done.


A Tale of Two Trailers

Decks are set up and ready for floors!

Tomorrow I'm off to get a few sheets of plywood.

The fun is about to begin...


Thursday, July 15, 2010

So, I assembled the new trailer and the directions say, flip it over. Ok. I can do that. Not.

It weighs 250 pounds, a lot more than me. But I try anyhow. I flipped it over, but couldn't get it down all the way without dropping it from about 3 feet up. Not a good scene at all. So...........

I used the winch on the Honda Fit, MacGuyver style.

It's times like these when my rock climbing gear comes in handy!


New trailer is here

The new 5x8 trailer has arrived.

Some assembly required....well, there's my day.

What better way to spend 90 degree day?

Beer. Thank you.


Rust inhibiting paint time

Here it is, scraped and painted. Very humid here, it took 2 days to fully dry.

The bowed axle is still bothering me. It's mocking me, trying to stare me down.

Now on to replacing all the bolts, nuts & washers. I must say it was a bit of a pain in the ass to find 5/16" nylon stainless lock nuts, Lowes prevailed, but only in stupid small quantity plastic bags of 3 or 5. Who comes up with that shit? Who says, "Hey, let's put odd numbers of things in little bags, won't that be great?!" I slap the person who thought of this, hard, in the face, perhaps more than once.

Lesson learned - galvanized bolts do not fit onto stainless steel nuts.


Trailer has issues

This trailer has some issues.

It has some rust, fortunately most is just surface rust that some wire brushing & scraping can take care of.

All the bolts need to be replaced with stainless steel bolts.

I'll assume that I need to repack the bearings and just do it.

It's a bit cockeyed. Ok, side note, where the HELL did that saying come from - cockeyed.

The axle looks like it has a slight bow in it. Hmmmm.....

So I'm off to scrape, brush, sand & paint.

Leah it begins

I had already ordered a 5x8 trailer when our friends, Jules & Sara offered up a 4x8 trailer that had been laying around for 7 years or so.

We had to take apart via crowbar, old rusty axe, hammer that had it's head taped on & a stubby screwdriver. Suffice to say we didn't come prepared but, god damn it, we got the job done.

We tore it down to the floor, hitched it up and took back roads through National Forest to get it to our house.

What the hell, I'll make 2 teardrop trailers. Oh, yes, I will.