Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally, back to work on Weepy!

I cut the side profiles and doors a few days ago. I used a jig saw for the sides. For the doors I used the circular saw and jig saw. I'll re-use the door waste to create the actual doors later.

Now is when I will do a lot of staring....and staring.....and staring. The planning stage of the inside of the cabin has to be well thought out, like a house. I don't want to add to it later. Build what I want now while it's a shell, that's my mantra right now, build what I want now...

The build plan I bought is a little, well, crappy. I'll use it the way I use most recipes or how-to's, purely for reference. The plan suggests that you don't spend a lot on tools, that you can get by using cheap stuff. Well, I can tell you this, that is just WRONG and you all know it. Save up a bit and get a good new or used drill, a good jig saw, a good tool. The fact is it'll last longer and that's what you want in any purchase, longevity, not el cheap-o.

The Tao of Leah says this, Tools aren't disposable, they're investments. Get what you can afford, not what you can squeak by with.

Think, think, think. Stare, stare, stare.


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