Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Efficient Teardrop packing

Let's face it: we all have our own unique, obsessive compulsive (read: irritating) ways to pack. There is an order. Do not disturb the order. May the order be with you.

Each time we go on a trip we try to pare down a little bit as well as try to streamline the packing and unpacking process.

My traditional "staring routine" begins while packing for a trip. I do the same thing when building a piece of furniture. I stare a lot at the lumber, flip boards around, step back, stare, move another board, step back, stare, you get the idea.

I like to think I'm more efficient, but I spend so much time obsessing over efficiency that I'm not efficient anymore. (Whoa, that was as epiphany. I need to stare and ponder that last sentence a bit.)

This last trip I made a little pile of "stuff" that we haven't used.  It included:

- A table cloth and the clips that hold it on a table (Never used it. Ever.)
- A tupperware of bungee cords and rope (I have bungees and rope in the truck already.)
- A large solar lantern (We have a small one that's brighter & we don't really use the large one.)
- A giant pot lid (What the hell do I have this for?)

I also packed a bunch of items into two rectangular plastic bins with lids on this trip. The space and tidiness you create from this one little thing is amazing.

I put round items into one of the bins: two dish buckets and a compost bucket. I stuffed the buckets with two rag rugs, a folding rug, a small folding step stool and a solar lantern.

I put wood scraps* and newspaper into a tall bin with a lid.  I usually use a small metal trash can for wood scraps.

Goodbye round space hogs! I said good day, Sir!!

Round is wrong. WRONG! Really, who designed round storage? We don't have round refrigerators or round cabinets, or round truck beds. We have angles. To maximize storage capacity we should have angular storage containers.


*I'm not talking about logs and twigs from home. I'm talking about dimensional lumber that's been kiln dried from my wood shop. DON'T transport wood from home for your campfire. We, the Campers, must be responsible and buy firewood locally near our campsite.  We, the Campers, must walk the walk. We, the Campers, must set an example. Invasive species of insects are wiping out trees because of thoughtlessness. We, the Campers, must tread lightly.


  1. Hello Leah and Amelia. This is Christina from the Tiny Yellow Teardrop blog. I would love to do a featured teardrop post for my blog on your build, blog and camping adventures. Would I be able to send you a few questions? Thanks!

  2. Round is wrong. WRONG! Really, who designed round storage?

    History reminder lessen on Round Storage: In more ancient times Round storage items like Amphora stacked and mingled nicely in the holds of sailing ships. Being a woodworker & drinker of fine spirits yourself" 'one should certainly know about the Cooper - Barrel Maker and how important those are:-) Norm