Monday, August 1, 2011


Sand seems to be a recurring theme no matter if you camp in the mountains or by the water so I built some wooden mats.



  1. Leah,
    Really impressed with your craftsmanship on the Alligator teardrop! I especially like the drawer and cabinet fronts you made. Very unique.

    I also like the wooden 'mats' you made to keep out sand. I had a question for you; where do you store them while traveling? I was considering making something similar to yours, but am leaning toward cheap outdoor carpet because it can be rolled and stowed easily.


    By the way, I'm restoring and renovating a 1947 Torette Teardrop Trailer. I can't wait to start using it like you guys!

    Best wishes!

    1. We tow the teardrop with a truck so the wooden mats get stored in the back of the truck (truck has a cap). The large mat is designed to be a shelf in the back of the truck that spans the width and slides in, that way there's more room to the store things, not to mention better access to the things we really need -- like the cooler!

      If you don't have a truck another place to store them would be on the tongue of the trailer either lying flat or standing up against the front of the trailer.

      A roll up rug will certainly do the trick and pack a lot lighter than wooden mats. We have a rug that folds up as well, it's really a great way to define and expand your outdoor camping space.

      My next design for wooden mats would fold in on themselves accordion-style with hinges.


  2. Leah,
    Thanks for the reply! I love that you used the mat as a shelf in the truck! Great thinking. I am going to ponder this a bit and decide on how to move forward. May go with the rug just because it should be a bit easier to transport; at least that's what I'm thinking.