Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cranberry Lake & hatch awning

Great 8'x10' nylon tarp I got at LL bean. So much better than the loud crinkly ones you find at hardware stores.

Quick to put up - I installed 2 eyebolts on the roof trim for tie downs and staked the rest.



  1. Through the wonders of the internet, I came across your teardrop blog. Love the way you used the tarp for the hatch awning. I normally set up a 10x10 EZup, but this looks nice, and easy.

    Also very glad to see "family" teardroppers.


  2. Thanks! The Awning has been working wonderfully. Long enough to sit under during rain and keep dry.

    We also recently bought a Eureka Northern Breeze for longer stays which is about 12x12, incredibly easy to put up (even Amelia can do it), and waterproof. I haven't put any real pics of it up yet.

    Glad you found us!