Saturday, February 2, 2013

Backing up a trailer

Backing up a tiny trailer like ours is hard. Tiny movements will ruin you and your relationship with whoever your co-pilot may be. I can back the trailer up into any small space.  Bring it on. Once I figured out how the trailer reacts to the truck, it was a breeze. 

In Maine a Grandpa across from our campsite pulled up a chair to watch me back into a ridiculously tiny space between two trees, and up a hill. Watching someone backup is a spectator sport for the veterans.  Well, I backed it in on the first try in one complete motion.  Good night, Gramps!  He actually didn’t speak to us the entire week we were there, grumpy old fart.  But, he did have a dog name PETE, PETEY, PETER!! I think I may have mentioned that in a previous post.

Backing up a trailer seems to be a rite of passage for most couples. It usually goes like this: Mom gets out to direct Dad.  Mom proceeds to shout, “LEFT, LEFT!! NO, STOP, NOW GO RIGHT, YUP, YUP, A LITTLE MORE, A LITTLE MORE, NO, NO, NO, STOP!” Dad gets mad and a mini argument erupts. This goes on until finally you here those magical words, “STOP, THAT’S GOOD. I SAID STOP!!”  Dad needs a beer, or four.

Now, listen up Dads:  Mom just needs to stay in the truck. You can back this damn thing up - ALONE.  If not, learn.  My favorite couples are the ones who do this in complete silence. It’s an amazing thing to see, like a Zen practice. I love you people. Love you.

And Moms, you need to learn how to back these things up, too. Don’t pull the helpless woman card. You pushed a baby out of that tiny porthole?  Then you sure the hell can back up a trailer. 


PS Amelia still hasn’t backed up the trailer.

Editor’s note: Yes I have!! Kind of. And poorly. But still. 


  1. The thing I loved about my teardrop is that I DIDN'T have to back it up. All we did was get it close, unhitch and roll it into place. It was AWESOME!

    1. So true! You can literally pick it up and put it in place.

      Small is good.


  2. I have a little two wheeled jobby with a ball for the trailer. We unhook from the truck, and use this nifty thing to back's sweet!

    1. Oh, my! I just googled jobby, because I thought it sounded like some Australian thingie, like a doohickey or thingamajig.

      But, this is what I got from Urban Dictionary:


      A Scots term for the brownish substance excreted from ones anus when the bowels are full or after a spicy cuisine.
      Also the term for something that is disapproved of/ rubbish.
      "Who left that stinkin jobby in er"
      "I canny flush 'is jobby away it's jist floatin 'er"
      "The TV is pure jobby tonight"
      "Keep yir jobby to yerself"
      "Away and jobby yer pants ya big jobby-bum"
      "Ma jobby wis jobby, i need another"
      "that curry was jobby"

      Anything that makes backing up easier is a good jobby!



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