Monday, January 23, 2012


Judy and Dennis were the best campground neighbors ever. We were sad to see them leave for their next adventure. A sweet "Good morning!" every day, followed by, "What are your fun plans today?" And every evening, "How was your adventure?" They brought us brochures on the parks they visited; we found sand dollars for them on the beach. Funny, adventuresome, genuine, and above all kind. Kindred souls. Hopefully our paths will cross again.


These people were absolutely awesome. Great roles models for all of us - sweet, smart, open, honest, adventurous, great parents, fun, going on 50 years of love, original and genuine.

Their children and Grand children are lucky to have them.

I really enjoy meeting people like this, it keeps me from teetering on the "humanity sucks" edge.

It gives me hope.

Thanks Dennis and Judy!


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