Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bread baking while camping

I have wanted to try baking a loaf of bread while camping for a while now, and how can I not with a fantastic little Coleman collapsible oven?!

I’m a sourdough fan, so I brought my sourdough starter with me.

One problem I could foresee was cold weather. The temperatures were not going above 65 degrees in the day, 54 degrees at night. 

So, the best place to rise the starter dough would be in the cab of the truck. To increase the temperature, I put the dough in the Coleman oven and set it on the front seat. 

And what do you know? It worked like a charm!  The temperature got up to 90 degrees. I had to open the door of the oven to cool it down slightly.

The next day I made the final dough and put it back in the truck inside the oven.  The weather was colder and rainy, high of 61 degrees and completely overcast with not a spot of sun.  The temperature got up to 75 degrees in the oven. Pretty good.  

After about 5 hours of rising time I set the oven on the camp stove, and within 5 minutes it was up to 400 degrees.  So in the dough went.  The top browned too quickly, in under 5 minutes. I turned the heat down to 350 degrees for the remainder of the bake time, probably around 15 minutes.

As I expected, the sides and bottom got too much heat too soon and got a bit too dark, but not burned. Next time I will bake at 325-350 degrees. 

 Nonetheless, this is a success. Delicious, fresh bread!

 I don’t have a recipe for this.  I just make it to feel. Working dough is very satisfying and different for everyone so get yourself and camp oven and start making bread.


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