Wednesday, January 9, 2013


IF I based my opinion of a state on what I see while driving on a major Interstate, I would think that Pennsylvania doesn’t care about how it looks. Every large tree is gone. All that is left are these pathetic-looking tiny stick-figure trees.

I often forget how simple-minded and short-sighted we as humans are. We don’t seem to learn fast enough. We’ve clear cut most of the country at one time or another, not just one time either.  Some places have been clear cut three or four times.  Rather sad and disturbing.  Except that some people read that and think that, "well, it’s ok, cuz it just grows back, so what’s the problem?" Bio-diveristy, my friend, or lack thereof, that’s what the problem is.  

Unfortunately, utter stupidity has been passed down through the generations, usually from fat wallet to fat wallet.  



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