Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Learn Something With Leah

This is what I imagine the conversation with the people who left this wood at the fire pit would be. Oh, and it was at the next site too. Wtf?

Innocent Person: Look someone left some firewood at the site. What kind of wood is this?

Me: It’s pressure treated lumber.

Innocent Person: So we can throw it on the campfire then?

Me: Um, don’t be stupid! I just said it’s pressure treated wood. Wood that’s chemically treated.  You don’t burn pressure treated wood, you build things like decks with it.

Innocent Person : But it looks so dry, it’s not like I’m eating it. I’m just burning it.

Me:  Really? What’s wrong with you? Wait, that’s what’s wrong with you. You’ve burned one too many pieces of pressure treated lumber.

Innocent Person: But, I don’t breathe in the smoke, I don’t understand.

Me:  Oh, so you didn’t inhale? One of those are you? By burning PT wood you’re releasing all the chemicals into the air. This wood basically has been embalmed. You’re burning a dead wooden body full of chemicals. Have fun with that.

Don't burn pressure treated lumber. Don't be stupid. 

That is all.


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